Expect God in the Unexpected

March 24, 2016

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This Sunday is Easter, so it is highly appropriate to make the public confession that I do, indeed, believe in miracles.  They come in all shapes and sizes and they don’t necessarily have to be the parting the seas variety.  God mostly speaks to me in whispers of the heart that many would call intuition.  Sometimes the communication is more blatant and is revealed in a manner typically labeled “coincidences”.   For the record, I don’t believe in those.  

On Feb. 17th I posted a photo of a happy face “coincidence” I discovered in my bathroom sink.  I was brushing my teeth that morning and looked down to oddly focus on a definitive smile with two round eyes in the brushed bronze drain looking back at me.  I smiled in return and unbelievingly turned the water off and on a couple of times to see if it would disappear.  It did not.  Those warm brown eyes kept twinkling.  In two years since our remodel, I have never noticed an emoticon in my sink!  I was really tickled and felt an immediate understanding that God was happy with my day and especially wanted me to know.

You see I was meeting an old friend for lunch later that I hadn’t seen in many years.  Her father was my former pastor in Van Nuys.  Her late husband had been our pastor as well, and my husband and I had, and continue to be, via books and video, significantly influenced by hers, and their collective ministries.  It may not have been feeding the 5000, or a wall come tumbling down, but it was one of those little declarations from my Creator, in His delightfully humorous way, of saying I’m here for you Lou, and I’m pleased. 

I had also recently written down a kind of epiphany about, once again (its one of my things) letting go, surrendering my fears, my anxieties, need to control and finding peace etc. After I finished my journaling of this commitment to God, I dated it and recognized the date, Feb. 10th.  It was my 31st anniversary of my baptism as an adult at my old church in Van Nuys. 

I believe God wants us to not worry so much.  He wants us to know joy.  It’s a crazy world out there, with a capital Cray, but there is still hope.  Goodness exists, love is real, and there are true miracles all around when we are willing and open our eyes to see.

I have photographed my sink for over a month starting with the 1st photo on Feb 17th, 2016 and these are the results.  God makes me smile. ☺

PS 2/17 is also my niece Catherine’s birthday.  She was born a smiley face!!!!