In 2017 I began to lead a chapter of Be the Bridge to Racial Reconciliation at our church, Calvary Church.

This ministry has been, and continues to be, a spiritual and educational journey placed on my heart many years ago as a white woman who grew up in the south in the 60’s. With the help of the BTB curriculum and resources I continue to grow along with the many women who have joined me over the years to step outside of our own experience and come together with open minds and hearts to share with one another and learn.
Who knew in 2017 how very crucial this ministry would be in 2021.

I am also recently appointed as a member of our church Deacon board that oversees local Los Angeles missions and ministries of flourishing, justice and service to those in need.

I am a huge fan of Jennie Allen and IF:GATHERING

Current Great Reading

I LOVE Eugene Cho! This book should be required reading for everyone.
Thou Shalt Not Be a Jerk

Favorite Charities