LM smaller size FINAL CHAIR WITH HAND310_ppLM_FINAL 022_pp

 LM_304_glamourLM_SENSITIVE DRAMATIC 097LM_104brunette tan suit no glasses or smile:LG0275_ppLG0424237_LOU_MLOU_BRUNETTE NEWSCASTER 8032_LLG0433motherdaughter_large-e1469549416547wedding-163LouGreig-JodeeDebesPhotography-11

Maui 2016

DSC00105IMG_7327IMG_7696IMG_7648IMG_5436-257x300IMG_5443IMG_5442IMG_5797W_0083W_009017673_847322902024985_4885372386680840293_n (1)camping worldScreen Shot 2014-05-01 at 11.47.14 AMRandL_6998_V2R & L 5443palm desert looking upSquare Fire IdeaScreen Shot 2014-05-01 at 12.01.21 PMScreen Shot 2016-01-13 at 10.02.05 AMLou with dogrick and princess 3Princess Cruise to CaboLou #7Lou #8Lou #1Lou #3CAMPING WORLDHGV_Tickets-045camping world #2


IMG_8006IMG_8005IMG_8003IMG_7995IMG_7998IMG_8001 225297-51LOU MULFORD IN STRIPES


Sale of the Century on NBC

SOTC LOU ELAINE CONNIEsale of hte century david and lou sotc mermaid DAVID, LOU SPRING DANCE SOTC INSTANT BARGAIN CAMERA geeky dave sotcsale christmas showSOTC ALICE SOTC HIGHLANDER LOU SOTC JAY IS A GEISHA11009078_10205291634664217_523008527_n jim marcione directing Lou Scan 3Scan 2tumblr_nk1kq4J2d21u7xb4io1_400sotc marilynlou and david red jackets sotc instant bargain Lou and Gregoria mimes Lou game show on the tracks_2 lou gameshow with lynnda and elaine lou mermaid LOU SOTC GLAMOUR DRESS


Virginia and North Carolina

Lou in 1st modeling job 1970 (print)IMG_7980Lou Norfolk 1975Lou 1974 age 19 2nd lou at 18 pro shotsLou Norfolk 1974the lost colony Pavanne dancers 1977. Joyce Kernodle, Tawana Thorp, Lou Mulford, Rene Dunshee jpgRene and Lou

with my dear friend and mentor the late, great Joe Layton, director of THE LOST COLONY and oh so much more. 


Los Angeles 1978 and on –

Flaire compositeFlaire composite back page crimped hairlingerie test shot 1978 or 1979 Channel Island brochure Channel Island brochurepage 2  Cheyenne photo with hat 1978 Cheyenne photo with NYT 1978 Cheyenne photo with glasses1st LA commercial composite 781st LA commercial composite 78 back sidebathing suit mansion shot-1

My first big film Mel Brooks’ “History of the World Part 1”

Mel at work, Vestal Virgins on set, and me with comedian Shecky Green

MEL BROOKS HISTORY OF THE WORLD PART II history of the world vestal virginshistory of the world Lou and Shecky Greene

“Skatetown USA” starring Patrick Swayze

On the set with comedian Bill Kirchenbauer, Connie Downing, and Jeff McGrail, David Landsberg, Lorin Dreyfuss, and again my good friend Connie

SKATETOWN:lou on skates SKATETOWN:setSKATETOWN: Bill Kirchenbauer and LouSKATETOWN: Lou and ConnieSKATETOWN: Jeff mcGrail and LouSKATETOWN: Lou and David LandsbergSKATETOWN: Lorin,Lou, and Connie Downing



Memory Lane

perfume shotblonde head shotbicycle shotpizza hutcomputer adLOU MULFORD 80'S

fashion 1fashion 3 hat catalogue  Lou on the roof 1979? Lou test photog 1970's Lou The hat catalogue, early 1980's lou's game show head shot motor trends magazine head shot theatrical 80's Peter Leifer photo 1 Peter Leifer photo 3 IMG_7978IMG_7979 IMG_79693:4 head shot 1990's