I filmed a guest starring role on an episode of NCIS.

Terrific group of people to work with!!!!!!! James Whitmore Jr. is a wonderful actor’s director.  Mark Harmon, ALL the cast and crew, are the nicest people in show business.

Unfortunately…(acting is such a crap shoot), My two “fabulous” scenes with Mark Harmon, Scott Bakula, and the NCIS cast were cut for time because of the spinoff and all the new characters and story that had to fit into the time slot…SO good chance I’ll be back as another character in the future God willing.  Here’s hoping the spin off will be a go!  NCIS NEW ORLEANS starring Scott Bakula as Special Agent Dwayne Cassius Pride . TWEET, YELP, POST, LIKE, WATCH the new spinoff series!  Tuesday nights at 8:00PM on CBS. lp.aspx