In February of this year I attended a Christian women’s IF GATHERING conference at my church.  I learned of a group called BE THE BRIDGE  This group has a mission for racial unity and a bridging of the great divide that comes from lack of relationship and understanding between the varying races and their cultures.  I have always longed for more diverse friendships in my primarily white world.  I crave peace and brotherhood in our common humanity.  My Christian brothers and sisters understand we are all one in our faith, no matter our skin color or family of origin.  We embrace our differences and cultural diversity as God’s unique artistry. His crayon box and array of sculpting tools is mightily full.

I’ve written blogs on the subject and was moved  to lead a group myself.  We want to be examples of peace and reconciliation not just in heaven, but here now on earth.  Past and current injustices are a heart cry for healing now.  We want to be the generation that honestly listens, speaks with respect, and binds the wounds of past, present, and future.

I felt lead to begin a hiking group because women love to share their hearts while walking. We use the “Be the Bridge Discussion Guide”  and are forming strong bonds. We discuss the “elephant” in the room and are learning that there are many ways we can bridge gaps and be all inclusive in our church and in our lives.  Beginning in July we will have our 1st group pot luck with family and significant others.  I am so thankful to Latasha Morrison and Be the Bridge for creating this beautiful and much needed ministry.

Our numbers have grown since our 1st hike Feb 25th.  These are images from our past 8 hikes on the Santa Monica Beach path and Canyon trails together. We are sisters! I encourage you to look into the organizations, make a donation to help their cause, and lead or join a group yourself.

May 27th we experienced what I like to call a “God Thing”

Mid hike in Mandeville Canyon at the NIKE tower base, two of our women asked if we could hike up the tower itself and take a photo overlooking the valley below. Imagine our surprise when a large group of racially diverse Christian brethren were quietly sitting up there praying!!!! It was nuts! We stopped immediately and prayed with them, and then asked them to take a pic of us..then they asked to take a pic WITH us. It was so cool I can’t tell you. They are THE CITY OF LOS ANGELES INTERNATIONAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH NORTH REGION. They meet at the Hilton Hotel in Woodland Hills and they hike once a month going to different areas each time. What are the odds of us running into them up in that tower? We were so blessed we had chills. We stopped to pray again, just us, as we progressed on the path afterwards. Such amazing affirmation that God approves! We are ONE in Christ!

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